Puppy package

Three introduction session for £65 & 10% off their first ‘full groom’

Grooming can be daunting for dogs, therefore I have designed this package to help introduce them to the process at a young age. Your puppy
will be introduced to the studio and the equipment used for grooming. This teaches them what it is like to be groomed and desensitises them
to being touched in areas they are not used to. It is important that a bond is formed between dog and groomer, so having an enjoyable
introduction at a young age is very beneficial.

Introduction to the studio
This is a gentle session designed to introduce myself and for them to familiarise themselves with the studio and build their confidence. It is a fun meeting, which includes playtime, toys and treats. Once your puppy is showing more confidence, I will turn on a few pieces of equipment individually to introduce them to the sounds.

Bath & Dry
In the second session I will brush and bath your puppy, using massaging techniques to help your puppy relax. A dryer will be used on a low setting to allow them to get used to the sound and feeling of it. Again, lots of praise and encouragement will be given, as well as treats and cuddles.

Bath, Dry & Tidy
The third session will be a repeat of the second but will also include any necessary tidying using scissors or clippers. This is a good way of getting your puppy used to the feeling of the clippers and having their hair cut before a full groom.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to arrange an appointment

Terms & conditions:

  • This package is suitable for puppies up to six months old.
  • Puppies must have completed their full course of vaccinations.
  • Full payment will be required at the first appointment, where we will also book in the following appointments.
  • The completion of this package entitles you to 10% off the price of your dog’s first ‘full groom’ at Top Dog Grooming Studio.


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